Our partnership provides independent corporate advice and access to deep, global networks of investors, funders and potential partners for you and your business. We deliver bespoke outcomes for a select portfolio of mid-tier and emerging companies with whom we establish intimate and long standing client relationships.

Decades of experience has built the necessary corporate scar tissue inherent to understanding what works—and what doesn’t—for our clients. For every brief we willingly confront the inevitable good, bad and ugly to manage and produce predictably outstanding results.

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Meet Our Team

David McDonald

Joshua Rogers

David McDonald

An equities career beginning in 1959 that evolved in the 60’s into audit, tax and client accounting services. Simply decades of experience, including hundreds of transactions, with equity and capital markets in initial price offerings (IPOs), capital raising and divestments in both Australia and globally. Extensive director and chairman experience in both private and publicly-listed companies. Long-term and meaningful corporate relationships at the highest levels globally, including Western Africa and Eastern Europe.

Joshua Rogers

Two decades of emerging company development and corporate advice including multi-project management with challenging and budget-conscious clients in the exploration/resources, online and finance sectors in Australia, The Philippines, Japan and China. Extensive experience in implementing and realising business plans across more than 30 companies with 500M+ of corporate advisory transactions. Reporting to and managing corporate governance, risk assessment and compliance for numerous listed and unlisted public company boards, roles have included senior executive, director and CEO.

Our professional fees are designed to our clients’ needs and are based upon retainers and successful completion that are agreed and mandated prior to our engagement. Long term assignments often involve a series of milestones and associated completion fees as these are achieved.

Fees are always linked to outcomes. Fee structures are designed so that our client’s interests and our own are aligned to ensure we deliver on what we have committed to and what our clients expect.

We love The Hunger Project. They tackle one of the biggest problems there is— systemic hunger and poverty for the one billion plus people who survive on less than what is required to live a dignified life. THP doesn’t alleviate the problem. They distinguish hunger’s root causes and take a strategic approach to ending it completely and sustainably in the 13 countries, hundreds of communities and millions of people with whom they operate. The Hunger Project is strategic, highly experienced and entirely effective. When we grow up we want to be just like them and it’s why we distribute a percentage of our income their way.

To find out more go to The Hunger Project or talk to us.

If it involves the restructure of your company’s capital, we do it. Transaction types include:

  • Mergers & Acquisitions, Initial Public Offerings (IPOs)
  • Capital Raising
  • Divestments
  • Spin-offs
  • Demergers
  • Joint Ventures
  • Management Buyouts or Buy-ins
  • Leveraged Buyouts

We’re comfortable and experienced with both publicly listed companies and private company transactions.

Josh and David were instrumental in our recent merger. They identified the transaction, negotiated it on our behalf, managed due diligence and assisted in the corporate integration and settlement. They successfully navigated the many hurdles that invariably occur and provided solutions that overcame seemingly insurmountable issues. We wouldn’t and couldn’t have done it without them.

Andrew Drake, CEO Hughes Drilling

I approached Josh for funding the initial purchase of Freelancer. Josh provided advice on structures, documentation and introductions to a range of potential investors and funders. Despite the normal hiccups that invariably occur in such a process Josh completely fulfilled his mandate and we ended up with a great result.

Matt Barrie, CEO Freelancer.com

Josh Rogers played a key role in raising our funding. He coached me on how to create and deliver a powerful pitch, made valuable introductions to potential investors and advised us through the closing process. Josh is super connected, an awesome negotiator and an asset for any company or CEO who has the opportunity to work with him.

Rebekah Campbell, CEO Posse.com

Josh originally IPO’d Every Day Mine Services. Later he brought to us the proposal of merging with Hughes Drilling. The merger was a perfect fit that made sense to our shareholders as well as to Hughes and Josh helped negotiate and manage the transaction. We are very pleased with the result.

Craig Burton, EDMS Director & Former Chairman

We’re very clear what we won’t & don’t do.

Some firms engage clients for whom they can’t deliver. We don’t.

Some firms take on more clients than they can manage. We don’t.

Some firms have conflicts of interest with clients. We don’t.

Some firms have junior staff manage their clients. We don’t.

Some firms don’t deliver on what they promise. We do.

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